Research Themes

The research in the UBC-Okanagan CFD Lab consists of the following themes. Within these broad themes are current or future research interests:

Turbomachinery aerodynamics

  • Instability and transition of planar free shear layers
  • Noise reduction in bypass turbofan engines
  • Laminar-to-turbulent transition in turbomachinery

Healthy and efficient buildings

  • Computational modelling of transition under conditions of natural convection
  • Dispersion of pollutants in indoor environments

Human/atmosphere interactions

  • Simulation of accidental gas release
  • Modelling the dispersion of forest-fire smoke
  • Dispersion of gases and particles in urban and agricultural environments

Biomedical computation

  • Turbulence-resolving simulations of heart valves, aneurysms
  • Respiration and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease