Here are the people involved in the UBC-Okanagan CFD Lab:


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Dr. Joshua Brinkerhoff
Assistant Professor
Office: 4217 EME Building
Telephone: 250-807-8238

Graduate students:


Saeed Rahbarimanesh (PhD student)

  • DNS of turbulent cavitating flows in turbomachinery
  • Simulation of LNG fuel systems



Mohammad Haji Mohammadi (PhD student)

  • Simulation of turbulent dispersed bubbly flows by developing in-house CFD code
  • Implementing immersed boundary method with to simulate the flows in complex domains



Kasper Juel Petersen (PhD student)

  • Modelling and simulation of the nucleate, transitional, and film boiling regimes in liquefied natural gas (LNG) for predicting evaporation rates in an LNG pool
  • Dispersion modelling and simulation of natural gas plumes that occur after spills, including effects of humidity, coriolis forces, and complex terrain



Shahab Zeraati Dizjeh (PhD student)

  • DNS of buoyancy-driven flows inside heated vertical channels
  • Analysis of the interaction between heat transfer and turbulence in different flows
  • Heat transfer enhancement in turbulent flows by means of tailored surface geometries




Aaron Stroda

  • Modeling and simulation of liquid natural gas tanks with the particular interest of how we treat complicated mixtures during phase change




Saeed Nazari

  • Power Generation from Localized Wind Energy on Expressways.
  • Taking advantage of several solvers including dynamic fluid body interaction (DFBI) and Overset Grid to replicate the physical problem.
  • Employing LES WALE SGS using 3rd order MUSCL/CD discretization scheme.



Deepanshi Sisodiya

  • Experimental investigation of the flow structures inside the supersonic jet-pumps (using flow visualization technique;Schlieren Imaging) for the design optimization purposes
  • Co-supervised by Dr. Sina Kheirkhah (UBC Okanagan)



Jesse Morales

  • Investigation into jet ejector optimization for material transport
  • Use of OpenFOAM and PyFR software
  • Co-Supervised by Dr. Sina Kheirkhah


Undergraduate students:


Jonathan Loewen

  • post processing and automating the processing of slug flow in a rotating Taylor tube CFD results using ParaView and python.




Andres Escobedo

  • Using OpenFoam, CAD software, and various meshing techniques to simulate internal flows




Ian Ho

  • Multiphase simulation of Taylor flow in a rotating capillary tube using OpenFOAM



Postdoc fellows:

Chun-Sheng Wang

  • Lattice Boltzmann method (LBM)
  • Turbulence modeling and simulation
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) aided CFD
  • Internal cooling, thermal management, and  high efficiency heat exchanger design
  • Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) for bioengineering

Umair Ismail

  • Use of computer simulations to investigate non-equilibrium effects in rough-wall flows
  • Reynolds-averaged modeling of complex flows using novel turbulence models
  • Algebraic structure based modeling
  • Blending of hydrogen in natural gas pipelines
  • Transition to turbulence

 Nidhi Sharma

  • Analysis and development of finite difference schemes
  • Direct numerical simulation of incompressible and compressible flows
  • Large Eddy simulation
  • Transition to turbulence




Ehsan Tahmasebi (Postdoc)

  • Simulation of multiphase, cryogenic liquid natural gas during storage, transfer, and spillage in heavy-duty transportation and marine applications
  • Numerical investigation of aerosol propagation and deposition in industrial and mining facilities, with a view towards evaluating abatement methods

Indu Kand Deo (Visiting student from IIT Kharagpur, India)

  • Combining machine learning techniques with high-fidelity numerical simulations to yield a data-augmented approach to predicting turbulence in buoyancy driven flows

Siddharth Siddhu (MASc student)

  • Simulation of water-jet cutting process
  • Co-supervised with Dr. Lukas Bichler (UBC Okanagan)

Nima Moallemi (PhD)

  • DNS of laminar/turbulent sudden expansions
  • Turbulent hydrodynamics of fluidized bed reactors

Guoyu Zhang (MASc)

  • Simulation of the fast-fill process of compressed natural gas (CNG) into Type-4 cylinders
  • Co-supervised with Dr. Sunny Li (UBC Okanagan)

Kasper Juel Petersen (Visiting MASc student from Aalborg University, Denmark)

  • Comparison of transition models for predicting low-Reynolds flow on a NACA0018 airfoil

Sindhuja Kashetty (Visiting undergrad student from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, India)

  • Proper orthogonal decomposition (POD) routines in Python for mode decomposition of DNS data

Hari K. Tirukkovalluri (Visiting undergrad student from National Institute of Technology, Trichy, India)

  • Parallelization of a Python-based POD code; DNS of a swept SD7003 airfoil

Peter Zhao (Visiting undergrad student from National University of Singapore)

  • Design of a inlet volute for a novel radial turboexpander

Amitvikram Dutta (MASc)

  • CFD study of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Co-supervised with Dr. Andre Phillion (McMaster)

Bo Li (Visiting PhD student from Tsinghua Univ., China)

  • Aerodynamics of commercial vehicles with CNG fuel systems
  • Artificial neural network optimization of aerodynamic flows

Anupam Mishra (Visiting student from Indian Institute of Technology-Guwahati)

  • Experimental measurements of total pressure behind a 12-lobed mixer with swirling inflow conditions

Kyle Halliday (UG)

  • Aerodynamic design of a portable, low-power vital oxygen sensor for sports applications

Akshay Sapra (UG)

  • Validation of OpenFOAM and Palabos for a backwards-facing step

Zhonghao Li (UG)

  • Simulation of solid/liquid multiphase laminar flow in a sudden expansion

Raphael Nowak (UG)

  • Simulation of solid/liquid multiphase laminar flow in a sudden expansion